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Ice Dam Repairs & Prevention Ice Dam Repairs & Prevention

Ice Dam Repairs & Prevention

Around 1992 we began removing ice dams in Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs.  Shortly thereafter it made sense to create a new company that was dedicated to ice dam removal, ice dam repairs and ice dam prevention.  That company is called The Ice Dam Company (we know, very creative, right?).  Boring though the name may be, The Ice Dam Company quickly became a national leader in ice dam removal and prevention.  Steve Kuhl has taught hundreds of home inspectors about ice dams through his seminar “Ice Dams 101”.  In 2011, he was published in the Journal of Light Construction, a leading national construction magazine (much to the delight of his mother).  He has been featured dozens of times in local media including all major news programs and the Star Tribune.  All of this is to say that Steve Kuhl really knows a lot about ice dams, repairing the damage done by ice dams and the prevention of ice dams.  Visit The Ice Dam Company for deeper information on this branch of services. Click her to see 9 Common Types of Ice Dam Damage In Minneapolis.

Summary of Ice Dam Related Services we offer:

Ice Dam Removal

We use steam to remove ice dams.  Any other method is tremendously risky to your roof.  Hammers, axes, picks and torches are cheaper methods of ice dam removal.  In the short run.   More here…

Ice Dam Repairs

The damage done by ice dams is pretty intuitive to diagnose with a few tools and some experience.  We use sophisticated wall scanners and crazy thermal imagers to see what is going on behind, above and beneath the finishes in your home.  We work with your insurance company if appropriate to establish the scope of your claim.  Then we professionally address all of the things in need of replacement or repair.  If necessary, we draw on the horsepower of Kuhl Design + Build for resources.  More here…

Ice Dam Prevention

We frequently use our construction experience to help our clients avoid ice dams.  Here is Kuhl Case Study #21 on one approach to ice dam prevention in Minneapolis.  Proactive efforts are almost always cheaper than reactive efforts in the long run. That said, it is sometimes advisable to install heat cables for the prevention of ice dams. The Ice Dam Company is one of the largest online retailers in the country of heat cables for the prevention of ice dams.

Because ice dams are the result of the interaction of heat and your roof, the first step is to conduct a study of the thermal characteristics of your home.  That can be done using infrared imaging, blower door tests and some old-fashioned knowhow.  Our ice dam prevention services range from re-roofing, insulation, ventilation and when all else fails the installation of commercial heat cables.  More here…

Six Ice Dam Warning Signs

Ice dams usually give us a few warning signs before they cause problems on Minneapolis homes. Here is a illustrated guide we created to help you identify the common signs of ice dams in Minneapolis.  Six Ice Dam Warning Signs.

Tips on Where Ice Dams Happen

Ice dams happen for specific reasons with every home having a different set of circumstances that contributes to the problem.  And yet after having removed literally thousands of ice dams here in the Twin Cities, we have noticed clear similarities, or patterns, in where ice dams are most likely to form on Minneapolis and St. Paul homes.  Check out this notated illustration on Nine Common Ice Dam Locations created by Steve Kuhl for The Ice Dam Company.

In addition to The Ice Dam Company, Kuhl’s Contracting also recommends The Heat Cable Store, as another place to find quality self-regulating heat cable for managing ice dams and ice dam prevention. The Heat Cable Store sells a few other brands of heat tape and deicing cables. The Heat Cable Store has a large variety of ice dam heat cable sensors, control systems and thermostats.

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