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Minneapolis Kickout Flashing Warning

Kickout Flashing Contractor Gives Advice on Right Versus Wrong

The Problem:

Installing kickout ashings here in the Twin Cities isn’t always as easy as it looks. It’s just a simple peice of sheet metal, after all. To the misfortune of many area homeowners, their contractors, handyguys and husbands frequently underestimate the complexity of these small projects resulting in some serious problems. The work shown here (A) is a perfect example of how good enough won’t cut it when it comes to installing kickout ashings into stucco. Not seen is the rotten stucco wall directly below this new ashing work. This homeowner’s handyman installed aluminum ashings under the cedar shake roo ng (good) but installed the flashings against the stucco wall (bad). Kickout ashings need to be installed behind siding materials. No exceptions.

Case Study 15.2

The Solution:

We installed two separate kickout flashings in this stucco wall; one at the baseof the valley (B) and one at the lower edge of the roof (C). To do this we removed the area of stucco indicated by the dashed line (D). Installing kickouts in existing stucco walls is challenging mostly in that getting the best match of color and texture possible is sometimes a real pain. Can you see the patch in this area?

Case Study 15

Case Study 15.3

The new kickout flashing was installed under the existing valley ashing and behind the new stucco patch.


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